Raegan Fisk- DTBAC Student Spotlight

Raegan Fisk- DTBAC Student Spotlight

Congratulations to Dare To Be A Cowboy's February Student Spotlight Recipient: Raegan Fisk!! 


As we congratulate Raegan "Rae" on being this year's DTBAC Student Spotlight, we are also feeling bittersweet as after 3 years in the program, our cowgirl is moving from the Northern NV area where she has taken countless horseback riding lessons with us and volunteered her time at DTBAC events! Although we will miss her, we are excited to be actively involved in helping her establish her "cowgirl roots" on her new adventure!

Raegan and I started lessons together when she was just 10 years old. I remember at her very first lesson she talked to me about how she believes that horses have a "sixth sense" and that they could feel your energy on a deeper level than us humans can even imagine. As soon as she said this to me, I knew Rae was on the right track to be a successful horsewoman. 

Rae and I have spent many hours in the arena and riding on the trail together, and throughout each one I saw her gain the confidence she needed to feel truly comfortable with horses. At her first lesson, we were working on how to ask her to trot and how to control your body at a trot, by the last lesson we were learning how to make runs on the barrel racing pattern. 

Raegan conquers her fears, Raegan hugs on her horse after every lesson and makes sure to give her treats, Raegan steps in at Dare To Be A Cowboy events and isn't afraid to speak to anyone about her story and what the organization has done for her, Raegan is a role model to our younger lesson kiddos and is always the first to step in to help with them, Raegan is a true and to the core, COWGIRL.

& I am honored to have gotten the opportunity to work with her throughout these years. Thank you for all of the amazing times, you deserve the world Cowgirl! 

Coach Hannah Beth 


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