Lane Tucker Rodriguez- DTBAC Student Spotlight

Lane Tucker Rodriguez- DTBAC Student Spotlight

The story of Lane Tucker Rodriguez, a 6-year-old from Northern Nevada, is one that truly inspires. Lane is a Dare To Be A Cowboy student who has not only taken horseback riding lessons through our program but has also participated in this year's first Mutton Bustin Practice! 

According to Lane's parents, the Dare To Be A Cowboy program has had a profound impact on their son's life. They say that he has become much more confident in himself and in believing that he can do anything he puts his mind to. It's truly incredible to see the transformation that Lane has undergone through participating in this organization. He's one tough cowboy and because of him, the future of the western lifestyle looks so bright! 

What's even more amazing is that Lane Tucker is just one of many young children who are benefiting from Dare To Be A Cowboy. This nonprofit organization is helping to shape the next generation of cowboys and cowgirls, instilling in them a sense of confidence, discipline, and respect for animals.

Thanks to Lane Tucker and the other children who are participating in Dare To Be A Cowboy's programs, the future of the cowboy tradition is looking brighter than ever. We can't wait to see what these young riders accomplish in the years to come!

“Dare To Be A Cowboy has been amazing for our son Lane Tucker! Keegan has made Lane feel so confident with both his horseback riding and his Mutton Bustin’ riding. Lane used to be so nervous when it came to this sport but we met Keegan and Hannah Beth through their program and it has been such a blessing! Our son now has so much confidence when it comes to Muttin Bustin’ and isn’t afraid to try new opportunities. Dare To Be A Cowboy is an amazing program for these kids, and run by some wonderful people.” - Easton Rodriguez, Lane Tucker's Father

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