Introducing our NFR Experience Special Guest: Marijka Hunsaker

Introducing our NFR Experience Special Guest: Marijka Hunsaker

For this year's Ultimate NFR Experience, we are so excited to announce not only a second day, but a SECOND GUEST! Allow us to introduce you to Marijka Hunsaker, a renowned western fashion influencer who has taken the western fashion industry by storm. With her impeccable style and eye for detail, Marijka is joining us to personally style a middle-school aged Title I Student for the National Finals Rodeo Performance that evening!

Who is Marijka Hunsaker?

Marijka Hunsaker is not your average fashion influencer. With years of experience in the western fashion industry, Marijka has become a trusted authority in the field. Working with brands such as Justin Boots, Boot Barn, Kimes Ranch and many more, her passion for modern western fashion and her unique sense of style have made her a go-to source for fashion inspiration.

Personally Styling a Title One School Student

But Marijka's influence doesn't stop at the runway. She is also dedicated to giving back to the community and empowering young individuals. At this year's National Finals Rodeo experience, a very special middle school-aged Title One school student will have the opportunity to shop at Cowboy Christmas and be personally styled by Marijka for the National Finals Rodeo performance that evening.

For this special occasion, Marijka carefully selected an outfit that would not only make the student feel confident and stylish but also reflect the spirit of the rodeo. With her expertise in western fashion, Marijka knew exactly how to create a look that would turn heads and make a statement.

Marijka's Impact on the Western Fashion Industry

Marijka's dedication to western fashion and her commitment to empowering others have made her a true trailblazer in the industry. Her unique sense of style and her ability to create stunning outfits have earned her a loyal following of fashion enthusiasts.

Through her work, Marijka has set the standard for modern western fashion and has shown that western fashion is not just about cowboy hats and boots. It is a vibrant and diverse industry that embraces individuality and self-expression. With her influence, Marijka is inspiring a new generation of fashion lovers to embrace western fashion and make it their own.

Stay Tuned for More Fashion Inspiration

If you're looking for fashion inspiration or want to stay updated on the latest trends in western fashion, be sure to follow Marijka Hunsaker on social media. With her expert advice and stunning outfits, Marijka is sure to keep you inspired and excited about western fashion.

Where to Follow Marijka

Instagram: @marijka_dam

TikTok: @marijkahunsaker

How to Help

From November 6th to December 6th, we will be raising $5000 to create an unforgettable experience for these three students. Let's dive into the details of this incredible gift.

With your generous donations, we will be able to cover all the costs to ensure that this experience is truly unforgettable. Here's what the Ultimate NFR Experience includes:

  • NFR Rodeo Performance Tickets: The lucky recipient will have access to all the thrilling rodeo performances throughout the week.
  • Shopping Experience Credits: We will provide credits for the recipient to enjoy a shopping spree at the NFR Cowboy Christmas Gift Show, where they can find the latest cowboy gear, western fashion, and unique gifts.
  • Brand New Cowboy Hat: No cowboy or cowgirl is complete without a cowboy hat! With your donation, we will ensure the recipient has the perfect hat to wear during the NFR.
  • Unforgettable Memories: We will take care of all the little details to ensure that the recipient has an incredible time, from arranging transportation to providing VIP access and exclusive experiences.

We need your support to make this Ultimate NFR Experience a reality. By donating to our campaign, you will be contributing to an unforgettable gift for a deserving individual. Every dollar counts, and together we can reach our goal! 


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