Introducing our NFR Experience Special Guest: PRCA Rodeo Clown JJ Harrison

Introducing our NFR Experience Special Guest: PRCA Rodeo Clown JJ Harrison

When it comes to being an exceptional, funny, charismatic, and all-around incredible rodeo clown, there's one name that stands out in the world of rodeo entertainment: JJ Harrison. As a PRCA rodeo barrelman, Harrison brings his unique blend of humor, athleticism, and showmanship to the arena, captivating audiences and keeping the energy high. This year, Harrison will be joining us at DTBAC's "Ultimate NFR Experience" to help two lucky students find the perfect pair of Roper cowboy boots for their first day at the rodeo.

Who is JJ Harrison?

JJ Harrison is not your average rodeo clown. As the 2012 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Clown and 5-time RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo Clown, he has become one of the most respected and sought-after barrelmen in the business. Harrison's quick wit, physical agility, and ability to connect with the crowd make him a true entertainer.

JJ has also been one of Dare To Be A Cowboy's biggest and best supporters since our formation in 2014! He has stepped in for interviews, to help us spread the word, and even hosted our 2017 Reno Rodeo Experience for a very special student in Northern Nevada. 

What is a PRCA Rodeo Barrelman?

A PRCA rodeo barrelman, also known as a rodeo clown, is responsible for providing entertainment and ensuring the safety of the bull riders during a rodeo event. They use their comedic skills and physical agility to distract the bulls and protect the riders in case of an emergency. It's a demanding and dangerous job that requires a unique set of skills.

Why is JJ Harrison Helping Us Choose Cowboy Boots?

At DTBAC's "Ultimate NFR Experience," we believe that every student should have the opportunity to experience the excitement and tradition of the National Finals Rodeo. As part of this experience, we wanted to give two lucky students the chance to not only attend the rodeo but also look the part. That's where JJ Harrison comes in. JJ will be joining the two lucky students on a special shopping trip to pick out their very own cowboy boots. With his expertise and experience, he will guide them through the process, helping them find the perfect fit, style, and quality.

Dare To Be A Cowboy is so excited to partner with Roper Cowboy Boots to give these students an extra special pair of boots for the National Finals Rodeo performance! 


Having JJ Harrison, a PRCA rodeo barrelman, join us at DTBAC's "Ultimate NFR Experience" is an incredible opportunity for the two lucky students. With his guidance, they will not only find the perfect pair of cowboy boots but also gain valuable insights into the world of rodeo and the importance of proper gear. So get ready for an unforgettable experience at the National Finals Rodeo, where the students will not only witness the excitement in the arena but also feel like true rodeo athletes themselves.

How to Help

From November 6th to December 6th, we will be raising $5000 to create an unforgettable experience for these three students. Let's dive into the details of this incredible gift.

With your generous donations, we will be able to cover all the costs to ensure that this experience is truly unforgettable. Here's what the Ultimate NFR Experience includes:

  • NFR Rodeo Performance Tickets: The lucky recipient will have access to all the thrilling rodeo performances throughout the week.
  • Shopping Experience Credits: We will provide credits for the recipient to enjoy a shopping spree at the NFR Cowboy Christmas Gift Show, where they can find the latest cowboy gear, western fashion, and unique gifts.
  • Brand New Cowboy Hat: No cowboy or cowgirl is complete without a cowboy hat! With your donation, we will ensure the recipient has the perfect hat to wear during the NFR.
  • Unforgettable Memories: We will take care of all the little details to ensure that the recipient has an incredible time, from arranging transportation to providing VIP access and exclusive experiences.

We need your support to make this Ultimate NFR Experience a reality. By donating to our campaign, you will be contributing to an unforgettable gift for a deserving individual. Every dollar counts, and together we can reach our goal! 



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