What is Dare To Be A Cowboy?

     Dare To Be A Cowboy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that's mission is to aid youth in becoming a cowboy or cowgirl. We have a huge respect for the western industry and understand the importance in keeping the legacy alive. Through clinics, events, fundraisers, and more, DTBAC will do our best in exposing and growing the lifestyle we all know and love. 

Do you only serve kids? 

     As of right now, DTBAC is keeping our focus on youth ages 5-18. For college age students, we do have a scholarship program. Please find the "scholarship" tab under "Become a Client" to find fill that out! 

In what ways do you live out your mission?

     Dare To Be A Cowboy fulfills our mission by providing scholarships, mentorships, lessons, tack/monetary donations, positions in schools, and so much more. If you are interested in becoming a part of the mission or donating your time/resources to it, please shoot us an email at daretobeacowboy@gmail.com or fill out an application based on your needs! 

What if I know nothing about rodeo, but still want to get involved?

     It's TOTALLY fine!! Honestly, that is what we are here for!!! If you don't know anything about rodeo but are still interested, fill out one of our applications based on what your needs are, and we will do our best in helping you get going! Side note: our FOUNDER didn't come from a rodeo family. She didn't know a dang thing about rodeo or even horses, yet made her way. Stories like yours is exactly why she started this organization. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Where are you located? 

     Although we are centrally located in Northern Nevada, Dare To Be A Cowboy is an internationally known non-profit organization. We have helped youth from New York to Australia to California to Canada! 

Is there opportunity for international clients? 

     ABSOLUTELY. We have many resources in Australia and Canada and are willing/able to find resources in more places to aid anyone in need!

How can I donate new/slightly used tack?

     If you have any tack that you aren't using and/or think would be a good fit for a client in need, please email us at daretobeacowboy@gmail.com!! We will respond to you as soon as possible! Thank you!!  

Where do the proceeds from merchandise go to? 

     All proceeds from the Dare To Be A Cowboy merchandise goes back into the mission!! If you would like to donate to a specific portion of the program, please click the "Donate" tab to find out how! 

Do you have a wholesale program?

     Although we do not advertise it, DTBAC does offer a wholesale program for our merchandise! For more information about that, please email daretobeacowboy@gmail.com with your company's info and we will get back to you! 

Where else can I find/follow Dare To Be A Cowboy? 

Instagram: @daretobeacowboy

Facebook: www.facebook.com/daretobeacowboy.com