Our Mission


                     Dare To Be A Cowboy's mission is not only to aid youth in becoming a part of the rodeo industry, but is to also expose the agricultural way of life. There is something about being a part of the world of ranchers and farmers that changes someone- and not only that, but it's the foundation of our history, our present food industry, clothing, and SO much more. Unfortunately, there's a huge lack of respect and understanding for the importance that our ranchers and farmers actually have for us. With this in mind, it is the mission of DTBAC to start building up and providing education of the culture that we all know and love, starting with the rodeo industry. By getting youth involved with horses and cattle and cowboys, we believe that we can not only benefit the direction of their personal lives, but that it will also benefit the world around us. Dare To Be A Cowboy will start by introducing youth ages 0-18 into the rodeo lifestyle, and expand into general agricultural education such as livestock showing, genetics, horticulture, and so much more. Join us in taking a stand for our world's roots and our industry's longevity, and in making a difference in these children's lives.