Our BIG Goal

              Aligning with our mission, Dare To Be A Cowboy's goal is to expose the western and agricultural way of life to children (and adults) through a "DTBAC Facility". The idea behind the DTBAC Facility is to design a space that children and adults can come to from anywhere around the world, to work with animals, ride horses, and to begin a basic appreciation for the industry. We will also invite cowgirls and cowboys down for retreats and clinics to help them with things like personal growth, branding, and so much more. By providing summer camps, lessons, mentors, clinics, and scholarships to get here, we believe that we can change the lives of everyone that we work with. Our mission is to gather a team of horses and instructors that will help with this lofty goal- and are going to do whatever it takes to create this dream into a reality! 

Here are some photos for inspiration as to what the DTBAC headquarters is visioned to look like: